The cooks did it. Many thanks to all those in kitchens across 15+ countries who have independently noticed Blunt Roll and who are sporting them while doing what they do best...  

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Love that Blunt Roll
— Chef John Besh
Just had mine on today at demo in Pensacola...Love.
— Andrew Zimmern
Keeping it cool in the kitchen should carry over to your knife skills. The Blunt Roll apron is a heavy-duty apron and knife roll all in one. The Blunt Roll has been “uniting knife wielders since 2013” with its sleek design work, releasing six different styled aprons specifically for oyster shuckers, bistro workers and those who love looking good decked out in lots of leather. All Blunt Rolls are made to order, which means they take about two weeks to craft. Going from $140 to $280, these aprons will last a lifetime. Check them out at
.. just got it this morning! And it’s beautiful - definitely worth the wait. And just in time for my friend’s bday. I gave it to him this morning and he is ecstatic.

Thanks so much for making a beautiful product.
— Champika Fernando, Cambridge MA
People are loving your aprons! It’s the first thing people comment on when they come back to see the kitchen!
— Brandon Olsen
Thanx @thebluntroll for the sick aprons!!!!
— Chuck Hughes
I love my apron
— Jenn Louis
Thanks @bluntroll , I love these aprons
— Chef Kristian Eligh
Perfect start to Tuesday courtesy of @thebluntroll... thx Tanya..
— Michael Scelfo
..every chef I’ve met while filming #REBEL WITHOUT A KITCHEN has asked me about my apron..
— Matt Basile
..I love the look of it, I love the idea of it, ... and it’s built to last...And they look damn sharp too..
— Graham Dailey
I never used to wear aprons regularly. Now I feel naked without my Blunt Roll...
— Jason Cox
I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about the apron here in #Columbia. I love it!
— Ricardo Gomez

"The only thing better than getting to serve chefs,   is hearing that they are happy."         -Tanya