"Often imitated, never duplicated."

-  UNITING KNIFE WIELDERS since 2013  - 


It started with a busgirl, who moved up to waitress, then tended bar, wanted to work in a prep kitchen, moved on to garde, became a restaurant owner, fled to the country to farm organic produce and raise meat - there was film work and school in between, even the music industry...

It has all led to this, 
A couple of decades surrounded by chefs, has created a desire to design something just for them. 
Thus, Blunt Roll was born.

An apron reminiscent of craftsmen with distinction and pride. Blacksmiths, butchers, farriers... they all wore aprons that denoted their skill.

The Original Blunt Roll is an apron with the availability of a knife roll, all in one. Denim and leather - fully washable, functional, and as sharp as your knives should be.

Made from 100% cotton denim and genuine leather.   All  Blunt Roll (TM) products are made by hand  in Toronto and never mass produced.

As in the kitchens they outfit, attention to detail on the line makes for quality craftsmanship served up on every order.

Fully washable and made to last, Blunt Roll (TM) aprons are designed and created for chefs. Like the brigades that wear them, they work hard and look good at the same time. 

Blunt Roll. Made for chefs.

Thank you chefs, and industry for all of your support. I am thrilled to be weeded with orders and am working quickly to get every apron out to you.. thank you for your patience and the support of hand made products - if any group of people were going to appreciate the time it takes to make something of value, it would be you.
— Tanya Kelly

Thank you to everyone for your patience around the holidays.  After a very breif break, aprons are being made again and will be out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience for handmade and Happy New Year.

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