"The only thing better than getting to serve chefs,   is hearing that they are happy."         -Tanya


People are loving your aprons! It’s the first thing people comment on when they come back to see the kitchen!
— Brandon Olsen, Bar Isabel
Perfect start to Tuesday courtesy of @thebluntroll... thx Tanya..
— Michael Scelfo, Alden & Harlow
Just had mine on today at demo in Pensacola...Love.
— Andrew Zimmern, Chef & TV Host
Thanx @thebluntroll for the sick aprons!!!!
— Chuck Hughes, Garde Manger & Le Bremner/Food Network Host
..every chef I’ve met while filming #REBEL WITHOUT A KITCHEN has asked me about my apron..
— Matt Basile, Fidel Gastro's & Lisa Marie
I never used to wear aprons regularly. Now I feel naked without my Blunt Roll...
— Jason Cox, Opus on Prince Arthur
..I love the look of it, I love the idea of it, ... and it’s built to last...And they look damn sharp too..”
— Graham Dailey, Peninsula Grill
I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about the apron here in #Columbia. I love it!
— Ricardo Gomez, Chef (Bogota & Toronto)